What is IDX and how can it benefit in Generating Leads?

IDX stands for "Internet Data Exchange", IDX is the system that allows showing MLS property listings on the websites. A powerful tool for real estate agents in generating real estate leads if you have a website that displays listings, chances are you are using an IDX feed to get listings on your website.

IDX enables all active listings in the MLS that to be shared between MLS members and displayed on the websites of MLS participants (agents and brokers). IDX provides all the MLS members the equal information to all MLS listings.

Each MLS has policies in place for their IDX feed designed to make sure no one user has any unfair advantage and that all listings are available to the participants.

Why do you need a Website?

The main purpose to have a website is to look at listings potential sellers often want to look at listings to check out the competition for their home. And, since many sellers are buyers too, they may be looking for a new home to buy. As IDX feed provides all updated listings that are available in the market which is about to sell or buy.

Why are IDX Websites much effective?

An IDX Matrix is a must for lead generation, but to get those leads you will need features that will make your IDX website into a business generator. Make sure your IDX website has: By providing Widgets like Open House, Save Search, Mortgage Calculator, Quick Search, Real Estate Guided Search, Our Coverage Areas, Latest Real Estate helps the visitors search the required criteria easily.

  1. Save Search: - Make sure that website visitors are able to find the listings they want. Your IDX website should have simple search filters to help users get to the listings that meet their criteria. If your site doesn’t make it easy for visitors to find what they want, they will leave and find the listings elsewhere.
  2. Lead Capture: -The goal of the IDX website is generating leads, so you better make sure your IDX website has an optimized lead capture system. This is something we are experts on at IDXMATRIX we are constantly testing and improving our lead capture to get the most leads for our customers. Some best practices for lead capture that we have learned include:

    Prompt the visitor to register. Don’t just wait for them to choose to register.

    We made the registration process as simple as possible. This makes the visitors feel comfortable in filling out the form for providing his details.

    Use a two-step form. If you want to ask for more information, request an email and name first and then add the second step to ask for further information.

  3. Automated Listing Alert – Automated listings alerts from your IDX website that is relevant to the listings visitors have been looking at are a great way to make sure they come back to your site, helping convert visitors from leads to clients.
  4. Integrated CRM –By providing an integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) allows you to keep track of what your leads are doing on your website as well as your communications with them. This helps in prioritizing leads and keeps in contact with them when required.

The Website is an important one to choose for getting leads online. So check whether your site is set up for success.

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